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Youth Rugby FAQs

What is Youth Rugby and where is it played?

Youth Flag Rugby is rugby played by boys and girls entering kindergarten through ninth grade. Youth Flag Rugby has players wear Velcro flags, pulling a player's flag simulate a tackle. Scrums are uncontested and lineout is contested. A loose ball on the ground is contested. Many countries around the world have used variations of this program starting ages of five years old and up. Many counties have adult leagues using a variation of Youth Flag Rugby wear play is co-ed and women can play on a competitive level with men.

How do you play Youth Rugby and how is it similar to other sports?

The rugby ball is shaped like a football. Teammates will run with the ball in their hands, passing the ball among them, looking to run between or around the opposition to score in the end zone. The skills learned are similar to soccer, lacrosse, and basketball, only you don't dribble with the feet or your hands or carry the ball with a stick. This allows you to work on space (spreading out the offense) and pace (controlling your speed to provide good support, then bursting to score).

Is Youth Rugby played under the same rules and laws?

No. Youth Flag Rugby laws are amended to provide a fun safe opportunity for youth to learn the sport.

Is there kicking in Youth Rugby?

Positional kicking allows you to kick the ball behind the defense to continue the attack. It also allows the defense to get themselves out of situations when their back is against the wall. You'll learn a range of kicks during this program.

I’ve seen Rugby on the television. How is Youth Rugby different?

With the growth in the sport in the United States rugby is showing up on television on a regular basis. No longer confined to esoteric cable channels, rugby has been featured on broadcast network TV in primetime slots for sports. The rugby you see on TV is generally "Rugby Union" and this is the particular type of rugby that Youth Flag Rugby is based on. In general when someone says "rugby" they are referring to "Rugby Union". There is a different type of rugby shown at times called "Rugby League". In that game when a ball carrier is tackled, play stops like in American football. In Youth Flag Rugby, we play modified "Rugby Union", play does not stop if you're tagged/tackled; a pass is immediately made and the game does not stop at all. The ball changes sides when the offense makes a mistake. Sometimes, on TV, you'll see teams playing "crash ball", driving into the opposition. In Youth Flag Rugby, you'll learn how to attack space. Coaching and training will involve passing and running with the ball to go between or around the defense, or kick past them.

Are there special skills necessary to start playing Youth Rugby?

No special skills are necessary to begin. If you can pass a little bit and catch a ball while running, you'll be a star. Remember, tackling will be replaced with pulling a flag. You will concentrate on the skills of passing, running, kicking and positional play. The skills learned here are directly applicable to tackle rugby and have proven to make players who also play tackle better overall rugby players.

Will Youth Rugby help me in my other sports?

Rugby is excellent preparation for any team sport. You'll improve your ability to read defenses. Your passing will be vastly improved in your other sports, whether it's with a tick in lacrosse, your feet in soccer, or yours hands in basketball. Most importantly the game will get you in excellent shape; there is no standing around in rugby

In some sports I play now, I hardly touch the ball. Will that happen in Youth Rugby?

No! Because there are no downs, the ball keeps moving around the field. Everyone touches the ball! Everyone runs with the ball! Everyone passes the ball!


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