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Youth American Flag Rugby

Morris Rugby developed a non-contact version of rugby specifically for the American child. "We came up with the name American Flag Rugby because we wanted to convey that this game is designed and tuned for American kids; no experience necessary, fully inclusive, and with a level of structure and discipline that Americans have come to expect from recreational sports," says Mike Stumpf, father to three players and founder of the Morris Rugby Corporation

Non-contact Youth Rugby

In this non-contact game, kids play a version of sevens where the defense removes the ball carrier’s Velcro flag instead of creating a tackle situation. The game is co-ed in four age groups ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade.

Rugby Skill Level Develops with Age

The game develops as the players’ skill levels increase. The youngest groups focus more on fun and rugby concepts. The groups progress to passing and flat defense and move on to a ruck-like simulation for the oldest group. All age groups have a slow introduction to scrums and lineouts and convert tries using drop kicks.


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